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Experts in Apple iPad repairs.

Experts in Laptop and PC Repairs.

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Skipton Laptop Centre Laptop And Tablet Repair in partnership with


Skipton Laptop Centre laptop and tablet repair, 

PC repair in Skipton.


Here at Skipton Laptop Centre we pride ourselves with the high quality work we offer and our excellent customer service. We have been aiding customers and providing solutions to all your IT needs for 10 years now. Over the years we have made strong bonds with hundreds of different schools throughout the country by providing them with our professional services, and for the past 5  years we have been offering our services to the public.  We offer the best standard in PC, laptop and iPad repair. 

Our technicians have years of experience working with all things IT related, such as Laptops, PC's, and tablets and phones and we pride ourselves with the high quality work we offer. We use the highest quality materials when it comes to repairs and also offer 3 months warranty on all the work we carry out.  If you need a laptop repair or tablet repair then   please don't hesitate to get in touch.


As well as offering laptop and PC repair in Skipton we also have different IT equipment for sale, such as new and refurbished laptops and PC's, and new and refurbished tablets such as Apple iPads. We also sell other equipment such as external hard drives, memory pens and routers. If there is something you require then please give us a call or visit our shop.


We also have a recycling program which is available to the public. We know being green is now more important than ever, so if you have some old IT equipment that is just sat collecting dust then we can have it recycled free of charge. We may also offer cash for certain types of laptops, PC's and tablets.


​*We can not be held responsible for any damage to items that have had their warranty seals void, any data loss, and we can only hold onto equipment and data for 3 months before it is destroyed.*